- Next time I move to close, this is what you do.

- Okay, what?

- You shut up!

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Artist: Demian/sackcloth and ashes (tumblr: [1], [2]. [3])

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i ship me and money

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Cinquedea Short Sword

  • Dated: first quarter of the 16th Century
  • Place of Origin: North Italy
  • Measurements: overall length 54.4 cm

The cinquedea has a short, triangular, double-edged blade, with four grooves at the base - three at the centre and two toward the tip. The first two segments of the blade are finely engraved and gilt with effigy of knight on horseback under arches and between floral motifs, on both sides. The typical quillon with the arms bent toward the bottom and a small tip at the quillon-block is engraved and gilt with floral motifs.

The sword has a curved pommel engraved with floral motifs, the gilt bands feature inscriptions "AVXILIVM A SUPER" on a side, and "PRAEBENT VICTORIA" on the other. The bone grip has scales decorated with four filigree rosettes. A similar example can be seen in “Waffen im Schweizerischen Landesmuseum Griffwaffen I” by Hugo Schneider (page 56, N. 74).

Source: Copyright © 2014 Czerny’s International Auction House S.R.L.

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Black Snake, marble and limestone. By William E. Nutt (2002)

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Wes Lang

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Aristocrazy Fall 2014

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AB Soul Fall 2007

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Ann Demeulemeester AW11 Runway Detail

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Palácio Foz
by afleury 
Lisbon, Portugal

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